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Chief Chemical Engineer

Meet Our President, Chief Engineer and Technical Director

Dr. Mohsen Amiran has always had a hands on approach to business. Growing up in Tehran, Iran he completed his bachelors degree in Chemistry and was awarded two special prizes by the former Shah of Iran for his work on advanced propulsion fuels. He then completed his Doctorate in physical organic chemistry at the University of Essex, United Kingdom where he met his wife.

In 1982, Dr. Amiran with his family moved to Chicago, Illinois to continue his research with a post-doctoral fellowship in physical organic chemistry at Northwestern University. He founded BioGenesis Enterprises, Inc. in 1989 to focus on developing methods to use natural organic chemicals in controlling and mitigating the effects of pollution. With this background Dr. Amiran created Formula Green™ to apply the results to the practical problem of cleaning the environment with products that are safe for both workers and the environment. Dr. Amiran’s mission is to combine his knowledge and innovative thinking to leave the world a safer and healthier place for his grandchildren and generations to come.