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The Hospitality Industry is challenged with selecting ECO friendly cleaners and disinfectants for cleaning their facilities while protecting their guests and staff. Most cleaners and disinfectants are engineered with harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment and more importantly negatively affect human health. Our ProFormula Green solutions has put an end to the use of dangerous chemical use.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

The ProFormula Green Cleaners can be easily blended with DolfinPods to provide ECO friendly cleaning and disinfection characteristics to ensuring floors and free of dirt, oil and grease as well as bacteria.

DolfinPods, a effervescent tablet that allows tap water to be turned into an EPA registered disinfectant is excellent for use in bathrooms, spas, water displays, etc. as a surface disinfectant and cleaner.  There are many studies illustrating its bacterial, virucidal, sproricidal and fungicidal capabilities.  And, it is human safe and ECO safe!!!

If your facility has a restaurant on site, you should experience the fats, oils & grease (FOG) removal capabilities using the ProFormula Green FOG and odor control system.  Using encapsulation and natural bacteria, this product is amazing! No enzymes and no bacteria added.  Totally biodegradable in 40 days!

Say goodbye to those nasty grease traps...forever!

For workout facilities, cleaning chemicals often cause equipment damage and/or require long contact times before they disinfect.  Our DolfinPod product line uses a chemistry that mimics the human body's method of killing bacteria.  Safe and Effective for your health facilities!