December 2018

Amiran enters into distribution agreement with Nature's Mosaic which is expected to optimize distribution to increase service and support to customers. Feel free to visit their site at www.natures

September 2014
Formula Green Launches Revolutionary Spill Absorbent at National Hardware Show
Formula Green, the maker of a green cleaning line, is proud to introduce to the National Hardware Show this year Quik-Dri. Quik-Dri is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, ultra absorbent that cleans any spill 67% faster than its competitors and absorbs seven times its weight in liquid. With no toxins or cancer-causing ingredients, Quik-Dri is one of the safest options available for the consumer.
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April 2014
EPA Approves Formula Green Heavy Duty Degreaser
Formula Green, the makers of green cleaning products, is proud to introduce a Design for the Environment approved all-purpose degreaser for the commercial and consumer market. Meaning that the formula has undergone extensive testing by the Environmental Protection Agency and has met their strict standards. This confirms that Formula Green All Purpose Degreaser is not only an effective, easy-to-use product but is also not harmful to the user or the environment.
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